Businesses have a responsibility to keep their stores free of dangerous conditions.  Dangerous conditions can be hard to identify, but their effects can have painful consequences.  At Leal-Calandra Legal, we specialize in making businesses accountable and responsible for their negligence. 

Don’t trust your case to just any attorney.  Choose an attorney with experience handling cases and getting results.  Some businesses may start to provide help but will eventually lose interest in helping you when the injury gets more serious.  Or they might not admit to being at fault.  Our team will have your best interest in mind until a resolution is reached.  We will fight to make sure the best outcome is reached.    


We are prepared to take these companies to trial and make them pay for their negligence.  This process often makes the claim process last longer but ensures that we keep fighting for justice on your case. 


Don’t let a business’s negligence ruin your life.  Let us handle the legal, so you can handle your life.  The consultation is free, the piece of mind is priceless.  Call Leal-Calandra Legal today: 214-764-6424.


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