Truck Accidents

LEAL-CALANDRA LEGAL is no stranger to handling big truck accident cases and dealing with their insurance companies.  Our team specializes in providing representation tailored to your individual needs.  Don’t let the insurance company intimidate or delay your treatment.  Choose LEAL-CALANDRA LEGAL to fight for your rights.       



Big truck accidents can be a big hassle to deal with.  Companies often delay investigations, claim they were not at fault or hardly compensate fairly for all of the injuries.  Our team will take time to listen and choose a strategy that will get your life back in order.  We will fight to make sure the best outcome is reached. 



Car accidents of any type can have disruptive impacts on our lives.  Car accidents with big trucks can sometimes have deadly consequences.  Hospital bills quickly add up and, often, insurance companies don’t act quick enough to compensate for the damages they caused.  We don’t want to add to the financial strain, which is why you won’t have to pay for the legal representation until we win the case.  Though the road to recovery may be long, our team will be there to help.     



Don’t delay, call LEAL-CALANDRA LEGAL today.  Let us handle the legal, so you can handle life.  The consultation is free, the piece of mind is priceless.  Call LEAL-CALANDRA LEGAL now: 214-764-6424.


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