A simple fender-bender can have a catastrophic impact on our lives.  Between dealing with the insurance company and figuring out what is wrong with your car, this new hassle can be overwhelming.  On top of all of this, your injuries are getting worse over time.  Don’t delay, call Leal-Calandra Legal to help you, today.        



Don’t trust your case to just any attorney.  Choose an attorney that knows how to handle your case from start to finish.  Whether someone rear-ended you, ran a red light and hit you, got hurt while in a rideshare, or had a car hit you while walking, choose Leal-Calandra Legal to handle your claim.  We will fight with the insurance companies so you can fight to recover your health.  Save your medical bills and take pictures of all your injuries and damages.  Let us assess your claim and handle dealing with the insurance companies so we can establish and fight for your rights.   



Car accidents of any type can have disruptive impacts on our lives.  This is why, you won’t have to pay us unless and until we win the case.  We are here to help with the claim process and answer any questions you have about your case.  Our team will guide you through your claim so you can focus on your life. 



Don’t let someone else’s negligence  continue to hurt you.  Let us handle the legal, so you can handle life.  The consultation is free, the piece of mind is priceless.  Call Leal-Calandra Legal today: 214-764-6424.


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