Breach of Contract

A broken contract can lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages. Don’t let a broken promise leave you without the service you paid for.  Contact LEAL-CALANDRA LEGAL to help you establish your rights and fight for the compensation you deserve. 


If you find yourself being a victim of a broken contract by a person or a company, it’s important to keep track of all documents.  Such documents may become evidence and may be the only way to show why a claim should be won.  Importantly, consult with our experienced team to guide your through your rights. 


These broken promises can have disruptive impacts on our lives.  At LEAL-CALANDRA LEGAL, we help people just like you every single day to navigate their legal matters so they can focus on their lives.  Our focus is to provide efficient  and excellent service.  You will have the most up to date information so you and your attorney can be on the same legal strategy.


Don’t let your legal matters continue to bother you.  Let us handle the legal, so you can handle life.  Remember you don’t pay unless we win.  The consultation is free, the piece of mind is priceless.  Call LEAL-CALANDRA LEGAL today: 214-764-6424.


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